Corporate relations

Corporate Relations

The corporate relations department has four main missions: assisting students in the development of their professional project, helping companies recruit new employees, maintaining relationships between graduates and the school, and encouraging partnerships.


1. Assisting students in the development of their professional project

  • Developing a professional project is at the center of our activities, with a focus on being familiar with accessible sectors and professions. With an international dimension at the center of its activities, the corporate relations department helps international students, enrolled in one of our specific programs (MSc, ME, Bachelor) on the Paris campus, discover the corporate world to help them in their search for an internship or job.
  • Career fair: Internship & Job Forum. An event organized for our French students, and open to all our international students as well! Over 70 companies came to the Paris campus including Bloomberg UK, Facebook Ireland, KPMG Luxembourg, Deloitte Luxembourg and NVIDIA US.
    Each year, EPITA organizes this event, bringing together companies willing to meet with our students and recent graduates.
  • Speed dating: 30-minute interviews between students and firms looking for interns and companies offering job opportunities for young graduates.
  • Conferences Week: these events are scheduled twice yearly by companies to share their experience and present their newest applications. The 60 to 90-minute meetings help students gain insight into the latest business trends.



2. Building relationships with companies enabling them to improve their employer brand and student recruitment process

  • Speaking with companies to verify whether their proposals are in line with students’ expectations
  • Forming partnerships that allow companies to speak with students during the technological week events to showcase their expertise.
  • Publishing job offers through our Career Center, a platform specially dedicated to available positions in both France and abroad, which students may access via our intranet.


 3. Maintaining an active and mutual connection between the school and Alumni

EPITA Alumni is a network of 7,500 individuals working in innovative and high-tech fields, both in France and abroad. In fact, 25% of our graduates have chosen to work abroad in various locations around the world. This amazing network is constantly developing, providing greater visibility as well as an increasing number of contacts and opportunities to those who have studied at EPITA.



4. Generally speaking, solid relations with companies pave the way to all types of collaboration between the school, laboratories, students and firms.

Are you a foreign company looking to recruit one of our students? Feel free to contact us to learn more about procedures and key recruitment dates.

The corporate relations department continuously develops relationships with companies, in the form of special partnerships or research chairs. These initiatives are part of a policy of trust and long-term collaboration between EPITA and the corporate world, which plays a role in defining the educational programs provided by our school.

The department also answers requests for continuing education programs and initiates procedures for the Validation of Prior Experience (VAE).

“Our aim is to help students build and implement their professional project. To achieve this, we have set up many initiatives that allow each student to meet with renowned companies that are widely known and respected in the IT sector.”

Laurent Trébulle, Director of Corporate Relations.