Presentation of EPITA


Founded in 1984, EPITA is a bilingual School of Engineering and Computer Science. Thanks to its unique pedagogical approach, EPITA trains its students to become outstanding engineers who boast a solid base of scientific knowledge and the most advanced skills in the digital sector. EPITA also welcomes a wide range of foreign students thanks to its numerous international programs: bachelor, master of engineering, summer schools and French language courses.

EPITA is ranked among the top computer engineering schools in France

As one of the leading French science and engineering schools, EPITA is committed to ensuring that all students have meaningful opportunities for personal growth and professional achievement in the future.

At EPITA, computing and information technologies are considered fundamental subjects and are always placed in the context of students’ future managerial roles and positions of responsibility. Business studies complement this training to broaden and complete the scientific culture vital to future engineers.

A word from the Dean

The Digital Revolution is complete. Now, everything begins.

Creating and giving meaning to the world of tomorrow requires us to be scientifically rigorous, to master ever-changing technologies, and to be willing to act. An acute sense of responsibility is a must, given the scope and impact of software solutions that are being deployed on unprecedented scales.

That’s where engineers come in.

Engineering requires us to mobilize a plethora of technological resources, without being controlled by them. Engineering means that we understand the science behind the algorithm, so that we can move beyond the code. Engineering requires us to work in teams, on projects, and to understand what type of business we’re trying to create or work for, and we must respect diversity: diversity is humanity.

Women and men who are digital experts drive this transformation: they are rigorous, creative, software virtuosos. They are the builders of the 21st century.  At EPITA, our mission is to train these engineers. To amplify their talents, and help them become the best IT engineers of their generation.

Welcome to EPITA, where we amplify digital talent, and where we embody the best in Computer Science!


Philippe Dewost, Dean