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Geopolitics and ICT – Information, Beware of Danger!

This symposium organized by the school will be held at EPITA March 22, from 4pm to 7pm. The program of the day will focus on the “Anonymous” and the evolution of careers in security of information systems.

The conference “Information Technologies and Communications (ICT) and Geopolitics – Information, Beware of Danger!” organized by EPITA will be held March 22, 4pm to 7pm on the Kremlin-Bicêtre campus in the auditorium of the school. It will consist of two panel discussions moderated by Nicolas Arpagian, editor of the journal Strategic Prospective and gather experts and practitioners in Internet and Computer Security.

Security Threats
Internet users are increasingly comfortable using information technologies. Whether they be employees using personal computers in their business or citizens involved with their own computer in militant action on the Web, individuals develop each day the independent skills to master the many possibilities of digital tools .  Some users are able to become experts able to undermine the safety systems of both firms and states. A new form of fighting ahead emerges ahead.

Anonymous & Hackers vs.  Information Security
The first roundtable, entitled “From Tunis to Hadopi, “Are we all called to become Anonymous? ” will be held Pascal Herard, journalist news site, Jérémie Zimmermann, co-founder of La Quadrature du Net and Frederic shingle, the Internet analyst, co-author of Anonymous (FYP Editions).

While hackers are present almost daily in headlines, the technologies of electronic surveillance are deployed on a large scale. What are the stakes of this technological race in which some work to increase the diffusion of information while others track communications and seek to mark out every move made on the Web?

Transparency vs. Protection of Information Systems
The second roundtable, entitled “Will RSSI leave room for RSI, Responsible for Information Security? “Meet Michel Bellot, the RSSI of Stime, Eric Dean, the RSSI of Generali and Cyril Reinhard, in charge of EPITA’s Multimedia & Information Technology major.

Do subcontracting, outsourcing and the use of cloud computing-announce the death knell of information system under control from start to finish of businesses and governments? With the movement BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)  do the same tools to access the computer professional who is challenged, while the phenomenon OpenData induces a sense of transparency hardly usual in our Latin culture.  Are we already giving up secure information systems to focus solely on the protection of information?

Event Program:

4pm: From Tunis to Hadopi: are we all destined to become Anonymous?
– Pascal Herard, journalist,
– Jérémie Zimmermann, co-founder of La Quadrature du Net
– Frederic shingle, the Internet analyst, co-author of Anonymous

5:30pm: Will the RSSI leave room for Information Security Manager?
– Michel Bellot, RSSI, Stime
– Eric Dean, RSSI, Generali
– Cyril Reinhard, Manager Major MTI (Multimedia), EPITA

7pm: Networking Cocktail

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Geopolitics & ICT – Information, beware of danger!
March 22, 2012 4pm – 7pm
EPITA Amphitheatre 4
14-16 rue Voltaire
94270 Kremlin Bicêtre


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