Student Support

Student Support

EPITA has always placed priority on international outreach. The international programs department encourages and develops student mobility and creates prestigious international programs. It offers multiple cultural activities, organizes meetings and enriching experiences. To facilitate the reception and integration process of new students at the school, the international programs team oversees all administrative and pedagogic procedures that the student must take care of before and after his/her arrival.

An international package is also offered, which includes:

  • Airport pick-up.
  • Assistance in finding an apartment near campus and signing the rental contract.
  • Assignment of a French student as a Buddy.
  • Integration week: 3 nights off campus outside Paris. Accommodation, transportation, full board and activities are included in the price.
  • Enrollment fee in the EPIWorld association for the first year.
  • Cultural activities on and off campus.

Multiple cultural activities, enriching experiences and meetings are organized throughout the year.

We believe that international communication is a true skill. Hence, the EPITA Cultural Integration Program allows you to not only discover the campus, but also the French way of life. It includes a series of workshops, French language crash-courses and cultural events to ensure that your transition is as smooth as possible.

During the first Semester, students attend our ‘Getting over Culture Shock’ seminar designed to help them during their first days in France. We are proud to say that there are more than 40 nationalities on Campus and this extraordinary melting-pot can be felt in both the school’s cultural and academic lives.

International Students Guide

This application (available on Google Play) is designed and implemented by the International students at EPITA and targeted to all foreign students. It is designed to run offline and display all information required to guide International students on arrival. It includes 5 main sections: On Campus, Settling in France, Life in Paris, Tourism, and FAQ, and is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

In the first part, the students will learn more about the International Office staff and obtain their contact information. They may check out their schedule of courses, get a copy of the campus map and view online videos that will help them fill in all French administrative forms, such as social security, immigration and CAF. They will also find information on the cafeteria and associations that are available at EPITA.

The second section provides important information about resident services, doctors, religious temples and emergency telephone numbers.

The third part is dedicated to learning how to survive in France, discovering the public transportation map and schedules, obtaining more detailed information on French food and average prices. The application has a very interesting feature in this section: the students can see pre-translated English/French terms that will help them in their daily interaction with people inside and outside the school.  This feature will be offered as audio translation in the next version.

The fourth part covers tourism and includes a long list of more than 20 not-to-miss sites along with details on location, direction, prices and opening hours. The last part is the classic FAQ, with a long list of questions received by EPITA international staff.