Living in Paris

Living in Paris

The city of light, Paris is the world’s leading tourist destination and the capital of art and culture. Students at EPITA will enjoy visiting a myriad of cultural sites, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc of Triumph, Sacré Cœur, the Louvre museum, etc.  In addition, there is always a wide choice of special things to do and see in Paris and throughout France, from concerts, cinema and theater, to artistic and cultural events.

Best student city in the world.

For the 5th year in a row, Paris is ranked as the best place to study, thanks to its unique quality of life and education. The French capital and the surrounding region benefit from a dense network of innovative companies.  People from all over the world travel to Paris to discover and experience the city of light, with its warm atmosphere that will immediately make you feel at home.

The French education system, known as one of the best in the world, allows students to acquire advanced skills thanks to high-quality educational programs, while enjoying the unique Parisian lifestyle.

The French economy is ranked number 5 in the world.

France plays a determining role in the sectors of transportation, luxury goods, chemistry, telecommunications and even space exploration.

Over 40 French companies are classified among the 500 largest in the world.

With 6 million employees, the greater Paris region is the largest employment base in France.

All that is left to do is embark on this voyage of learning and discovery!