FAQ Exchange & study abroad programs

FAQ Exchange & study abroad programs

First, we need to have a bilateral agreement with your university. So, the first step is to see if this is the case with the International or Erasmus Office at your home institution. Then, you have to be nominated by your home coordinator. After being nominated, you will receive the application procedure with all the details.

No, the campus is quite small and there is no residence, but we have a housing service with many different offers (private residences, apartment-share, room-share, studios) near the school (15 to 45 minutes from the campus).

If you want to receive housing proposals from us, you will need to complete an online housing form after enrolling at EPITA. You will then receive offers and will only have to pay the housing service fee of €120 to book the accommodation if you accept.

It costs between €500 and €900 depending on the apartment (surface area, shared or individual, location).

At EPITA, the program schedule varies, depending on your level of studies. Please see the calendar here online.

Application deadlines are not the same for Erasmus & for exchange students, for visa purposes. Exchange students from outside Europe will have to complete their applications before June 1st for Fall semester and before November 1st for Spring semester. European students can apply until June 15th for Fall semester and November 15th for Spring semester.

Generally, once the application is fully completed and all the documents are provided, the enrollment letters are sent by the end of June for Fall applications, and by the end of November for Spring applications.

Yes, you can take French courses for free and even get credits for them. However, it is better to check with your home institution and verify whether the credits will be recognized and transferred to your university as it is not always possible for languages courses.

Every exchange & Erasmus student needs to fill out a Learning Agreement before arrival to select courses.  We send out the procedure details and deadline by e-mail. Your home university may require it beforehand. In that case, we can, of course, provide it and sign it earlier.

For exchange students, EPITA provides the document to fill out here online. For Erasmus students, it is a standard document from the European Commission that can be obtained from both the home and the host institution and here online.

Of course, you can change your mind or have a timetable conflict and we allow you to change the Learning Agreement during the first two weeks of the semester, with the approval of your home institution and EPITA.

No, we recommend that you choose courses from the same major and level of studies. At EPITA, the schedule cannot be easily changed and it is hard to organize a timetable with different majors without overlapping. Some exceptions can be made on request, but only for up to one or two courses.

It depends on the program you enroll in. At the Bachelor level, courses offered in English are both for French and International students. So, you will be taking classes together.

At the Master level, the programs taught in English are only for International Students except in one major, Information Systems Management, where some courses include both French and international students.