Participate in academic and industrial research

The LRDE is a research laboratory under the tutelage of EPITA.

Our main areas of expertise are “Image processing and pattern recognition” and “Automata and verification” with a transverse research axis Performance and genericity”.

Building on its solid scientific production and academic collaborations, the laboratory has industrial contracts, conducts internal research projects and participates in collaborative academic research projects.

At the crossroads of research, development and education, LRDE brings together doctoral researchers and PhD students in computer science, mathematics and signal processing. LRDE research topics are published each year in scientific publications. The distribution of free innovative software helps establish solid partnerships with other laboratories and industrial partners. As professors, the LRDE researchers are very involved in the courses and projects developed at EPITA.


Recognize a galaxy in a cluster of stars, identify a cancer cell on a medical image, extract text boxes from a photograph or even a video. All of this is possible with image processing. The LRDE Olena platform is used to design new algorithms and processing chains that can work on different types of images: 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, graphs, etc. Olena is also used in the context of industrial contracts for theoretical work in image processing, leading to a wide array of publications and diverse subject matters for students.


How can information technology ensure the proper functioning of a system, whether it’s a coffee machine, an elevator or an A380, in all circumstances? Model checking is a verification technique that allows for desired behavioral properties of a given system to be verified based on a suitable model of the system through systematic inspection of the model, with an aim at preventing unwanted scenarios. Although it can take up a lot of memory space and computing time, there are fortunately ways to reduce the cost. Spot Library, the LRDE solution, offers advanced algorithms required for building model checkers. Internationally, several model checkers developed by academics use Spot.

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