3IE: Digital Innovation Laboratory

3IE brings the creativity and responsiveness of a startup together with the innovation and development levers of a laboratory.

Integrated technological support for new uses

Founded in 1999, the IT Innovation Institute is an applied research laboratory that closely monitors technological developments as part of projects conducted in collaboration with corporations (large groups, SMEs, startups). Our team works on a wide range of projects, from the development to the production of technical and graphic designs.

Both students and professors at 3IE share the same passion for new uses of digital technologies: implementing new types of interactions between man and machines (bot, mobile, augmented reality…), merging intuitive digital solutions and information systems, experiencing the Internet of things (IoT) daily or delving into virtual reality! Exploiting Big Data or changing one’s habits using Cloud services… everyone has the possibility of conducting experiments at 3IE, with a goal of gaining more knowledge or providing advice.


At 3IE, the different professions (design, development, system administration) are part of the same team. Centered on technological developments and the use of best practices, 3IE co-creates projects in collaboration with its clients, in which the user is the central focus.

A laboratory with a spotlight on students and firms

Complementary training for EPITA students

3ie enjoys its position at the crossroads of the academic and professional sectors, completing the education of EPITA students in the fields of new technologies as well as knowledge of the digital economy and culture.

Each year, the laboratory trains a group of EPITA students, supervised by full-time professors, in the different issues that clients may be confronted with.

A laboratory at the heart of the innovation ecosystem

Today, 3IE assists startups and helps major accounts extend their capacity for innovation. Through an exchange of ideas and recommendations, based on the user experience and new challenges linked to the digital revolution, 3IE develops a range of projects. These projects are carried out in partnership with BPI, FP7 or the regions.

The professors and researchers from 3IE regularly give classes on technologies that are both practiced and studied by the laboratory.

Some of the projects developed by our research laboratory

La mètis

La mètis offers a semantic and mathematical analysis that helps study the diffusion dynamics of medical and scientific innovations published by the American library of medicine (Pubmed). 3IE has developed a means for visualizing data (dataviz) on prostate cancer based on this algorithm. Thanks to the support of ETALAB, the Prime Minister’s department in charge of making public data available, results may now be consulted on the Internet.


Developed by 3IE, the w4tch.me application allows for the creation of films taken from multiple angles in a few simple steps, using two or three synchronized smartphones. Developed by Benjamin Gourdol and Frederic Janon, the application can film up to 15 seconds of entirely synchronized videos using iPhones connected to each other. Editing the filmed sequences from different angles is then done with a simple movement of a finger. These videos may then be shared on social networks as well as with the W4tch.me community.

Sport Booking

Enjoy the excitement of a Tennis match and choose the date and time of your 1st convocation based on your ranking in the tennis tournaments proposed by FFT-approved HYPERLINK Sport-Booking!
Thanks to this project, 3IE has made new services available to tennis players, which are highly appreciated, such as being able to easily enroll in a tournament. Sport-Booking is also a complete tool for planning, communicating and organizing tournaments for umpires and clubs.