Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy – Program

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy – Program

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Strategy program is a joint degree between EPITA, an engineering school and EM Normandie, a business school.

The aim of the program is to prepare students with AI skills to apply technology to enhance an organization’s marketing strategies and decision-making process.

Graduates of this program will be able to utilize artificial intelligence techniques and tools to:

  • improve consumer engagement experience by creating relevant client profiles based on KYC (Know Your Customer) concepts;
  • monitor and analyze a variety of communication channels, such as social media, and assist in the understanding of the market’s perception of a brand;
  • provide companies with relevant, timely and precise customer service and social media interaction;
  • optimize the marketing content in order to boost the visibility of the companies and drive traffic to brands’ websites; and
  • exploit computer vision to revolutionize the visual engagement strategy.

Semester 1

This semester aims at laying a sound foundation of technical and marketing skills for students regardless of their academic background. Students will take French language classes and cultural integration courses so as to manage well cultural shock and acquire a better understanding of French culture.

240 hours Teaching Unit Course
Cultural Integration Cultural Integration Workshop
French Language Program MSc (A1)
Foundation in Marketing Operational Marketing Concepts
Strategic Marketing Principles
Management & Soft Skills Multi-cultural Management
Global Leadership
Web Project Management
Technical Foundation Data Privacy by Design
Mathematics for Data Science
Python & Algorithm Workshop: Initiation
Technical Orientation & Computer Literacy
Introduction to Computer Science

Semester 2

This semester introduces the concepts and essential tools of data science and digital marketing to prepare students for specializations in the coming semester. Students will have the opportunity to gain an enriching international and professional experience by participating in a week-long learning trip to visit companies located in Dublin (e.g. SAP, Oracle, consultants, start-ups which specialize in artificial intelligence on the Dublin campus of EM Normandie).

240 hours Teaching Unit Course
Business Exposure French Language Program MSc (A2)
Learning Trip to Dublin
The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Data Science Data Visualization
Introduction to Deep Learning
Introduction to Machine Learning
Digital Marketing Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Introduction to Gamification, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
Introduction to User Experience & Bots
Searching Engine Advertising Principles (SEA)
Searching Engine Optimization Principles (SEO)
Digital Public Relations
Management & Soft Skills Communication for Leaders
Research Methodology #1

Semester 3

This semester allows students to formulate marketing strategies with innovative artificial intelligence tools by combining the technical and marketing skills acquired in the first semester with the knowledge of data science and digital marketing developed in the second semester. Student will have to finish an end-of-program project and a dissertation before taking an internship in the last semester.

240 hours Teaching Unit Course
Applications of Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision & Image Analysis
Natural Language Processing Applications
Recommender System
Artificial Intelligence for Marketing AI for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Artificial Intelligence in UE and Bots Implementation
DMP, Predictive Analysis & Data Intelligence and KPI (Analytics)
Gamification, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Workshop using AI
Business Exposure Dissertation
End of Program Project
Management & Soft Skills French Language Program MSc (A2 – B1)
Research Methodology #2


The last semester is a compulsory 6-month internship and is the capstone to the MSc – AIMS program. Students will acquire technical business experience, enriched by working in different social and cultural environments, facilitating their future professional integration.

It is necessary for the internship to be part of an industrial or research project. The well-defined role of the student must include active participation in all stages of analysis and design cycles. Business startup projects can be accepted under certain conditions.

Students of our MSc – AIMS program are paid between €1,000 and €1,500 per month during their internships.

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