Phishing warning message

Phishing and fraud attempt from January 11, 2019

A fake website is usurping the identity of EPITA: http://www.bourseun2019.com/. This website was not created by EPITA, it is a phishing attempt that encourages to subscribe for a false diploma of EPITA, under the pretext of granting “a scholarship intended for students of West Africa” which would be “financed by the United Nations until the obtention of a Student Visa”, by enrolling before February 28.

The website requires the payment of a registration fee of 70 €. This procedure has nothing to do with the admission process of EPITA and therefore has no administrative value.

This website was reported to the French Ministry of the Interior’s anti-phishing service. 

The fake diplomas offered by this website, which we have identified so far are: ” Bachelor in International Relations”, ” Bachelor in Agronomy “, “Bachelor in Economy and Finance” and “Master in Management and Administration of database “.

You should not register on this website.

EPITA never sends email or sms to its prospects asking to provide personal and banking informations (name, surname, credit card number, account number, personal codes online services, etc.).

EPITA has no scholarship partnership other than with French national organizations such as the french CROUS scholarship or scholarships of certain regional councils, departmental councils, town halls, ministries or some health mutuals.

If you are interested in studying at EPITA, we invite you to see our documentation on our engineering diploma and our engineering and master programs.