Clubs & Organizations

Student associations

Since EPITA’s founding, a rich and dynamic range of student associations has been one of our school’s strengths. These associations cover the arts, culture, sports, humanitarian aid, live events, recreation, technology, media, business, and more.

A rich, dynamic, and unique program

Student life at EPITA – with more than 40 associations – is a significant source of personal fulfillment for all of our computer science and software engineering students.

Associations help our students develop their interpersonal, organizational, and teamwork skills; it is a key component of our curriculum.

Associations help EPITA students develop real-world leadership skills, along with a sense of responsibility, creativity, and respect for others. Students learn to push their own limits while developing a network of future colleagues.

Support for student associations: encouragement and creativity

As a computer science and software engineering school, EPITA has dedicated the resources needed to fully develop and support association life. This includes a dedicated space for associations on our Paris campus, a true “business salon” that promotes association life.

Taking on an association leadership role is a significant commitment: EPITA provides students with the tools and support they need, including training sessions for association leaders, a team of instructors who provide coaching, etc.

Because students are the heart of our school, EPITA – the computer science and software engineering school – allows students to freely and spontaneously express their creativity. And it works! The evidence: Each year, EPITA student associations organize nearly 400 events!

An association for international students

Epiworld is a gathering place for international students at EPITA – the computer science and software engineering school. French students organize activities to help our international students learn about French culture: tours of Paris, a wine and cheese night, French film screenings, etc. and they support our international students throughout their time in France.

Something for everyone!

The BDE (Student Life Office)

The BDE, the office that oversees student life at EPITA, supports more than 40 student associations that bring energy to our Paris campus. Every student can get involved in one or more activities that suit his or her interests and preferences. The hardest part is choosing from all the options! Students can also create new associations – the school is here to help make the vision into a reality. The BDE organizes a welcome weekend, pool parties, a gala, and parties for events like Halloween and Christmas.

Sports associations

AISM promotes student involvement in motor sports, both for beginners and those with experience. This includes events in France and in other countries involving all types of land and water vehicles.

Episport is the sports association at EPITA. It offers many individual and team sports activities. Students who join Episport also receive an official license from FFSU, the French University Sports Federation.

Le Baby is the foosball (table football) association at EPITA.

One4One Obsession brings together students who have a passion for paintball games.

Street Riders is our board sports association. They offer activities for a variety of board sports, and their goal is to increase awareness of those sports and organize projects such as events and competitions together.

The STACK promotes airsoft rifle and other related activities for university students.

Arts and culture organizations

Ephemere is the student photography association. It brings students together and helps them fulfill their passion for photography.

Epitanime is the student association to promote all forms of Japanese culture: karaoke, Japanese films, art, video games, musicals, retro-jamming, Pokemon trading cards, Go games, etc. for EPITA students and throughout Europe.

Fanfar-ON is a music association at the Kremlin-Bicêtre campus that offers music sessions with various musicians who play brass and percussion instruments.

Soul of Sound is a music association with its own practice studio, with various musical instruments available to student music groups.

UNISSON promotes electronic music. They organize various student parties on campus throughout the year. This association has three special interest groups: Computer music, mix/live, and scratch.

Unplug is a music association that organizes introductory music lessons. They also organize the “Students Got Talent” competition.

Event and media associations

Air Radio is the student-run internet radio station. They create podcasts and live shows that address current events, geek culture, music, and cinematography.

Epi’Time is a student journalism association; they produce a monthly magazine, “Epitime,” on student and association life at EPITA.

EPTV has – for more than 20 years – brought together students who are passionate about videography. They document important student life events throughout the year. The association is open to everyone, and they have their own trainings on video equipment and editing.

La Paillote is the association for students who enjoy mixing specialty drinks. La Paillote’s members are experts in the art of mixology; they offer a wide array of cocktails blended especially for you, from the classic to the unique!

LATEB’s mission is to help the EPITA community appreciate high-quality beers. They organize various beer tasting events such as buffets, movies, and concerts.

Villejuif Nights organizes fun and relaxing parties for students. Students take over the school buildings for an entire night, organizing card games, karaoke, video games, and a crepe tasting.

Humanitarian and diversity associations

EpiSolidaire organizes humanitarian and social welfare events on the campus; “crawls” in the neighborhoods around both campuses, clothing and toiletry drives for people in need, humanitarian mission trips, etc.

Epiqueer is an LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) association that organizes social and cultural activities and demonstrations. Epiqueer also fights to prevent homophobia and transphobia.

Heritage is the student center on the Kremlin-Bicêtre campus; a place to hang out, relax, listen to music, watch a favorite TV show, etc. This association participates in many campus life events.

Synergie aims to improve the image of high-tech professions among young people, and to eliminate stereotypes and promote gender equality in high tech. Each year, they organize “Synergy Days” on campus at EPITA – the computer science and software engineering school, to help middle school students learn about IT professions and issues.

Technical and scientific associations

Back to basics is an EPITA association that organizes tutoring sessions between SPE and SUP students; students can find information on a freely accessible drive: tutoring sessions, multiple choice tests, and essay questions.

EpiLogin is a piece of server management software; it is a contraction of “EPITA” and “login.” Designed in 2018, it allows EPITA students to be authenticated on our various partner Discord servers.

EpiMac vfocuses on Apple technologies and offers Mac-related trainings (Mac OS X, etc.).

Evolutek is a robotics association that prepares its members for the France/Belgium robotics cup organized by Planète Sciences. This association focuses on three things: electronics, mechanics, and computer science.

GConfs is an association that focuses on organizing various conferences for EPITA students, by managing the administrative aspects, communications, and marketing.

L0ra is a non-profit association founded by Epitech computer science students, to promote the art of speech and debate. Practicing and understanding the art of public speaking and learning to debate, arguing one’s point of view while respecting others.

Prologin organizes a yearly national competition for students under age 20. This tests students’ ability to resolve algorithmic problems in three phases: selection (may also be held in Switzerland or Belgium), semifinals or regionals, and finals.

Business associations

Cristal is the EPITA student business association, managed by EPITA engineering students. This association helps students build a professional network and fund their studies by carrying out IT projects for corporations.

LaCity is an economics and finance association that holds several conferences for its members. It also supports financial technology projects such as a securities trading kiosk.

Recreational associations

ANTRE is the EPITA student role-playing association. Its purpose is to provide an on-campus gathering place for students who enjoy role-playing. ANTRE regularly holds a variety of activities: parties, some with themes and some without, introductory sessions, nature walks, and monthly role-playing evenings. The association also occasionally opens its office and library to its members.

Cycom aims to promote e-Sports in France and on the EPITA campus. This involves competitions in the major electronic sports (e-Sports) games.

Epichess is an association for students who want to learn, practice, or improve their chess skills. In addition to holding classes and matches, the association also organizes chess tournaments, sometimes with prizes.

EpiCulture organizes cultural outings: shows, museums, exhibits, plays, performances, comedy clubs, concerts, music, and movies.

EPink brings together students and professionals who are passionate about tattoo art. The association does not actually do tattooing, but seeks to promote body art in various forms, either on paper or other media.

Strataegyc is an association for students who enjoy strategy card games such as Magic the Gathering and YuGiOh TCG. This association’s goal is to promote these two games, primarily through evening playing sessions and tournaments. Its main goal is to inform students and improve the image of high-tech professions among young people. The association seeks to eliminate stereotypes and bias in the tech sector.