Fluency levels

Fluency levels

EPITA offers a complete ‘French as a foreign language’ program with different proficiency levels.

Students are grouped by level, based on CEFRL.

The number of hours that EPITA proposes will enable students to increase their proficiency in French, as shown below:

Levels Number of hours
A1.1 Beginner 60 – 80*
A1.2 Beginner 2
A2.1 Elementary 150 – 200*
A2.2 Elementary 2
B1 Intermediate 250 – 350*
B2 Upper intermediate 400 – 600*
C1 Advanced 700 – 800*

*The number of hours is given for information purposes only. Attaining proficiency depends on the ability of the learner, his or her motivation, personal investment and degree of immersion in the French language.