2018 ICT and Geopolitics

Are you ready to live in a world driven by Artificial Intelligence?

Buzz word or secret weapon? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is put forward by economic decision-makers and strategists of all kinds as the technology that will challenge the balance of power. What can we really expect from this technical deployment? What are the upheavals to be expected in our increasingly digitalized societies? What is the new geopolitical situation in this area? Beyond the sci-fi images, we will discuss realities to know to better understand this constantly changing environment.

Held on Thursday, December 13 in Paris, the new ICT and Geopolitics conference at EPITA will examine the question of artificial intelligence (AI) with Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni, researcher at the Laboratoire d’informatique de Paris 6 computer lab, and Cédric Villani, member of Parliament and famous mathematician, both questioned by journalist Nicolas Arpagian.