An upcoming French Cyber Campus with EPITA!

An upcoming French Cyber Campus with EPITA!

Launched by the government in July 2019 and led by Michel Van Den Berghe, CEO of Orange Cyberdefense, the future development of a French Cyber Campus is actively supported by EPITA!

A future French epicenter for the Cyber Security ecosystem

Recognized for its expertise in cyber security that it teaches its engineers as well as professionals, thanks to SECURESPHERE by EPITA, the school’s continuing vocational training center, EPITA is committed to working on this major project aimed at bringing together the expertise and resources of the top cyber-security players.

On November 28, 2019, EPITA participated in a morning session of reflection and commitment together with 20 organizations mobilized to create the Cyber Campus, including large firms (Orange Cybersécurité, Thales, Atos, Capgemini…), startups, SMEs and even institutions. Bringing together 150 participants and announcing the upcoming mission report that will be given to the Prime Minister, this national strategic approach was particularly applauded by Cédric O, Secretary of State to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and the Minister of Public Action and Accounts, responsible for the digital sector.

Joël Courtois, managing director of EPITA (left) and journalist Nicolas Arpagian

New training programs developed to meet the needs of those working in the sector

EPITA will set up SECURESPHERE by EPITA on the Cyber Campus and also plans on organizing a development council comprised of all players on the site, in order to draw up new training programs in line with specific needs. These programs will be devoted to both professionals (short training courses for ecosystem businesses, also open to external companies) and future students (working towards new types of bachelor’s degrees in different sectors, from embedded systems and cyber security to artificial Intelligence).

To learn more about the Cyber Campus, follow the project updates on the official Twitter account